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Cytomel Liothyronine Sodium is used in sports for powerful drying cures. It is based on the thyroid hormone T3. With the help of Cytomel, you can significantly speed up metabolic processes and get rid of excess fat in a short time.

Features of Cytomel Liothyronine Sodium

The active ingredient in this powerful fat burner is liothyronine. It is a synthetic thyroid hormone. Liothyronine is completely analogous to the endogenous hormone and has the same positive and negative effects.

Like steroids, thyroid hormones were developed for active use in medicine. However, due to its properties, the drug quickly found its way into sports. Among its main positive effects are:

  • Metabolic processes are accelerated.
  • The body’s rate of heat production increases.
  • Actively uses fatty tissue.
  • The work of the nervous system is stimulated.
  • Work capacity increases.

During numerous studies, scientists were able to discover two important characteristics of liothyronine. First of all, it increases the metabolic rate, which contributes to the rapid utilization of fatty tissue. Secondly, the activity of the nervous system is stimulated and, as a result, motor and mental activity is improved.

Like any medicine, Cytomel has side effects. It should be said right away that the drug is not a steroid, and athletes are guaranteed not to experience estrogenic, androgenic and progestin side effects during the course. In this case, tremors, the appearance of feelings of anxiety, insomnia, fever, etc. are possible.

Therefore, before starting the course, athletes should make sure that there are no significant contraindications. In addition, it is extremely important to strictly follow the instructions for use of the fat burner. Cytomel can be recommended for athletes of different training levels. Also, the drug can be used by athletes. In general, thyroid hormones can be considered safe and, at the same time, very effective drugs.

The course of taking and combining Cytomel Liothyronine Sodium

As mentioned above, in sports Cytomel Liothyronine Sodium is used for powerful drying courses. It can be used alone or in combination with various types of crops. The recommended daily dose is 25 to 150 mcg. Athletes should remember that T3 is the most powerful thyroid hormone. This is why its dosage is about 4 times lower than that of T4.

Most often, athletes take 50-100 mcg during the day. In this case, the daily dose should be divided into several doses of 25 mcg. You should also remember Cytomel’s ability to stimulate the nervous system. To avoid insomnia, the fat burner should be taken in the morning.

As we have already said, thyroid hormones can be combined with steroids, peptides and other fat burners. Very often athletes use a bunch of Cytomel along with Clenbuterol and Yohimbine. However, very good results can be obtained from the combination of the drug with steroids.

An example of such a course can be a Cytomel-Testosterone Propionate combination. The daily dose of thyroid hormone is 50 mcg, and propik is administered every other day at 100 mg. The duration of such a course should be limited to six weeks. There are many options for combining Cytomel Liothyronine Sodium. Athletes, choosing ligaments, should be guided by their own experience in the use of pharmaceuticals, as well as by the set tasks.

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